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As you will see from this page, our frav past-time is snoozing! - other then going out to have fun of course! Mommy says she never saw minpins who slept so much! :-)
Amber loves falling asleep with her carrot or toys in her mouth.
Getting ready to snuggle in mommy and poppy's bed!
Rexus uses poppy as his pillow!
The big sleep in on Sundays.....actually on everyday!
Amber's turn to use Rudy as pillow!
We just don't understand why mommy wont leave us alone! Grrr!
Amber is possessive about her sunggle bag - even hides all her toys in there and won't let any of us use it! Cheh!
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Yawn!!! Okies now leave us to sleep! Byeeeeeee.
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