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Special Thanks to the creators, staff, and volunteers at Adventure Quest for creating a fun and addictive game.

This site is archived. For updated information about Adventure Quest, visit my Adventure Quest lens.

Adventure Quest is a Flash-based, single player, turn based, online RPG. It uses simple graphics and quests to create a quick and fun game. The typical game play is the "kill the monster, get the gold, level up" fantasy game. However, the monster information stats, viewable in combat, remind me of CCG formats, including little bits of lore. Most importantly, the creators and staff of Adventure Quest keep coming up with new upgrades, quests, challenges, and overall changes that keep the game alive and interesting. The game is free, but is more enjoyable with the Guardian upgrade (I have three).

Bloodstone's Adventure Quest Fan Page combines a little bit of fan fiction with a little bit of game information. Much like my favorite character, Phoenix Bloodstone, it specializes in nothing in particular. It's all for fun.

Zardwatchers Guide- Everything you need to know about Frogzards. Zardspotter includes pictures and stats.

The Drakel Threat- What little is known about the Drakel and their devious ways is examined. Drakel ID has pictures and stats.

Vampragon Notes- Information about the creatures that serve as pets, companions, and sometimes adversaries. The Vampragon Guide contains pictures and stats.

The Path of Moonlight, Fire, and Ice- Step-by-step guide for adventurers to attain power using the Lycan/Vampire and Mage classes.

Quest Sheet- A list of quests, challenges, and classes.

The Bloodstone Family- My favorite Adventure Quest characters.

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