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While Iíve continued to be interested in bowhunting and chess my entire adult life, genealogy and primarily budgie breeding and exhibiting have come to be my consuming passions.

Most of the time I have budgies set up for breeding. Whatís a budgerigar? They are most commonly known in the U.S. as parakeets. The birds I raise, sell, and show look significantly different from their pet store counterparts (which we call American budgies). Most of our exhibition budgies are descended from selectively bred stock which came out of England in the post World War II years. Exhibition budgies are often referred to as English budgies.

If youíd like to see what these beauties look like, click on any of the following links:

Battery B Aviary My son Derek and I started this aviary, and we now have 14 registered Champions.

The Great Lakes Budgie Society This is our local budgie club, and itís a great way to meet people who know a lot about breeding and showing budgies. These pages contain our membership list as well as pictures and results from our shows and others. I also mention the time and contacts for our next meeting.

The American Budgerigar Society has been the main national association for budgie breeders in the United States for over 50 years.

The Budgerigar Association of America is new national Budgie club that has a very informative website.

Budgie Links connects you to some of my favorite budgie websites around the world, from Wales to Australia (where budgies are indigenous).

Budgie Photos from the 1999 All American in Orlando, Florida.

My aviary, Battery B, is named in honor of my Civil War ancestor, Ira Miles Slawson. It was one of four units he served in and by far the most famous: Battery B of the 4th U. S. Artillery was the unit which served with and is considered part of the Iron Brigade. To learn more about Mustache Ike, as he was called, visit Mustache Ike and the Cannons of Doom. It took me over two years to research the information presented on this page, and it also contains an original document written by Johnny Cook, the youngest soldier to ever win the Congressional Medal of Honor. Iíve included a list of information I would like to get about Ira, as well as a list of the major and minor engagements the units he served with were involved in at the time of his service.

Iíve made some progress in tracing the Tobias family with the help of lots of Internet friends and other interested researchers over the years. "Daniel Tobias and His Descendants" is the best of what I know.

If you need to e-mail me, I can be reached at as well as

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