Wolfie The Wonder Dog

This page is about Wolfie II. Wolfie I was a 16 year old Eskie when he died in 2000. Wolfie II was his replacement and he has two sisters, Lexxi, and Whisper. He also has a brother, W. Pooh Bear, from a later litter, and same parents.

Sadly, Wolfie II was diabetic. His pancreas did not work at all. In July of 2005, he became insulin intolerant, went into diabetic ketone acidosis, and died in two days. I just can't bring myself to remove his page.

Wolfie's Genealogy

Here is the Clan. Everyone is related, except Boxcar

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Go here to see W. Pooh Bear, Wolfie's brother.
W. Pooh Bear - Everybody's Friend!

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