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The Walk 'N Train® Dog Collar
Pat. No. 6,308,663

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The "Walk 'N Train" ® is an incredible combination of a regular collar and a choke chain. This allows you to "Train" your dog using the choke part, or "Walk" your dog using the regular collar part.

Unlike choke chains used in a non-choking manner, this collar will not slip off the dog's neck.

Since the dog does not know which part you are going to attach him to, he behaves better all the time.

The "Walk 'N Train" ® is available from Dana R. Philen, 2801 Hawthorne Dr., Atlanta, Ga. 30345, for $12.95, plus $3.00 shipping.

We ship anywhere! That means Internationally.

Click on the logo below to go to the order page. Walk 'N Train uses PayPal and does not see, or need your credit card. Or, you can send a check to Dana Philen at the address above.

It is recommended that you go to the order page to see how to measure your dog's neck for the correct collar size.

The term "Walk 'N Train" is a Federally Registered Trademark owned by Dana R. Philen.

E-mail to Dana at: dana@walkntrain.com

This photograph of a "Walk 'N Train" collar shows the
"training" part as a choke chain attachment, and the
"walking" part as a regular collar attachment.

The "Walk 'N Train" buckles securely around the neck.
See the Happy Smile!

As a Choke Chain it functions as a training collar.

The "Walk 'N Train" used for walking.
Used this way, it will not slip off like a choke collar will when used in a non-choke manner.

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