This is where to order your new Walk 'N Train® Dog Collar.

Walk 'N Train does not want or need your credit card information.

It uses Pay Pal for you to have an easy way to pay, without having to give us your number.

The collars are shown below so you can see the color. The length is the distance from the center of the buckle to the last hole. This is the hole farthest on the inside of the strap. Thus, a 20 inch collar will not buckle tighter than 20 inches. Measure your dog's neck so it will be comfortable and order that size collar. Hint: Order the next size smaller as that way the center hole will be the one that fits, and there will be little excess.

Please note that some colors are not currently available in some sizes. Red is available in every size.

We also have a limited number of heavy duty leashes in 6 foot lengths in red. The price is $6.00

1. Fill out the form below.

2. Go to PayPal and pay.

3. Come back here and click on "FINISH", and your order will be sent to Walk 'n Train.

4. Use your Back button to return to the Collar Page.

5. Congratulations on your purchase!!!

Red Blue Green Maroon

The size is the distance between the marks.

Hint: Our manufacturer sizes the collars to the first hole. If you measure your dog's neck to be 18 inches and you still want to tighten it further, then order the 16 inch collar. That will put the 18 inch mark near the center hole on the strap and allow you to tighten it about 2 inches, and also loosen it about 2 inches. The same relationship applies to the other sizes.

Of course, if it is still not correct, then just return it, and we will replace it for the correct size.

If you want to order more than one, just enter the size and color of each one in the Additional Info. section. PayPal will take care of the payment quantity, and your "Comment" will tell Walk 'N Train what to ship.

Order your Walk 'N Train Collar

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Click on the PayPal Logo, just below, to pay for your order.

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Walk 'N Train DOES NOT see your credit card number.

Check the logo at the bottom of the page for PayPal Security information.

IMPORTANT: When you finish at PayPal, come back to this page and click "Finish" after filling out the information. That sends the size and color for the order.

Changes in some browsers cause them to just open an e-mail page. If this happens with yours, then just fill in the information in the text area, and hit "send". We are also working to get this to function properly.

Another Option. It is important that I get your order information. PayPal sends a notification and your e-mail address, but no size or color. If the e-mail does not work on your browser, click Dana's Quill below, and mail your name, address, size, and color desired to Walk 'N Train.

If you are paying by check, you do not need to go to PayPal, but you do need to fill out the information here and click "Finish"

Please send any additional information. Number of collars, sizes, e-mail address, etc.

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