Pets - Remembered, and Present

First is PuChee. We found him in 1974 and he lived to be 19-20. He was incredibly smart. He made Wolfie I look like an idiot, and he was smart too. He died in Jan 1992.

Next was Phread. (spell t h r e a d, then spell Phread) He was another foundling. Showed up at our door in a thunderstorm at the age of 6 weeks. He lived to be 16, and died in 1995.

Then there was Wolfie I. He was a companion for PuChee, and we got him when PuChee was 12. He was fiercely loyal and protective. In his old age, he was deaf, almost blind, and diabetic. He died in July of 2000, at age 16 - a tragic loss!

Of course, Jamie. Jamie was a rescue Golden retriever. We got her at age 6, and she was almost dead. She was hypo-thyroid - meaning it did not work, and thus, overweight, and no fur! We got her healthy again, and got her another 7 years. She died in July, 2002 of a stroke. You can see her on the Walk 'N Train page

Missy Poo is the city cat. Another orphan. Neurotic!! She was killed by a coyote here in Atlanta

Then Phread II - the Barn Cat at the farm. Free from the feed store. After years on the farm, he went into the road and was run over.

Pets currently Living

Belle - The Border Collie replacement for Jamie. Also free from the local vet.

Wolfie II (deceased) and W. Pooh Bear. Wolfie on the left, and Bear on the right. Wolfie was a replacement for Wolfie I, and W. Pooh Bear is his brother - 7 months younger.

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