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There have been many pages I visit that share a common theme. The page was about the pagan/wiccan religion, or the webmaster was pagan. And they showed support to stop animal cruelty and places that promote it.

For this reason, I combined the two together. Welcome to PAAC (Pagans Against Animal Cruelty).

By supporting PAAC you are saying two things. I am against animal cruelty, and I am Pagan. You must be both categories to support this. If not, scroll below to join other campaigns that are for all audiences. I am hoping to promote awareness not only to the fact that animals should not be treated this way, but make everyone aware that pagans do not perform cruel, inhumane acts on animals. If you have a pagan website and want to make it clear that you do NOT sacrifice animals and whatnot in rituals, join PAAC.

To join PAAC, simply download one of the following buttons (or be creative and make your own) and link to this page.

You must save these images on your computer, Geocities does not support bandwidth sharing (in other words, you'll see a red X box).
For the personalized button, you can either put your name/page in the provided space with a paint program before uploading, or you can email me at and I will personalize it for you. Please include your name and what you would like the button to say.

Thanks for being a PAAC supporter!

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