What's A "TBR"

It's that stack of books waiting "to be read" and my stack is always to the "tumbling" stage!

Mystery fiction can be divided into several categories. There are cozies, detective, hard-boiled, police procedurals, and yet another type is historical/victorian. Some readers have a favorite type. I usually prefer a not-too-violent read and if it has an animal, I enjoy that...but it is not a necessity. A touch of humor is often welcome too.

I am a devoted fan of Jane Haddam, James Patterson, Martha Grimes, Jonathan Kellerman, Lillian Jackson Braun, Gillian Roberts,Jan Burke, M.C.Beaton and so many more talented writers. I have a section on "southwest" mysteries spotlighting Judith Van Gieson, Walter Satterthwait and others. I have a large collection of books and I love audiobooks as well. For diversity, I also enjoy fantasy fiction.

I try to keep this site current and also feature some older favorites that I re-read now and then.

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