Commercial Rabbit Sites

The following websites have a wealth of information on breeding, breeds, medical conditions, and rabbit shows.  I recommend that you surf to each, even if it's just for fun (-:3 --Newly updated, this site has pictures and descriptions of many rabbit breeds as well as links to pages about each breed. -- This site has in depth information on rabbit illnesses and has remedies for sale.  Though I have not yet used this site myself, it comes highly recommended from people who have purchased medicines there for their rabbits. -- The American Rabbits Breeders Association.  You can apply for membership by visiting this website and, of course, learn all about rabbits. -- Information on breeding and pet rabbits, as well as a lesson on determining the gender of rabbits.  I highly recommend this page as it helped me to successfully determine the gender of Mopsey when she was about 4 weeks old. -- The Official Site for the Rabbits Only Magazine. -- Home of the House Rabbit Society.

You can also learn lots about rabbits just by being in a rabbit discussion group.

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