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Every year at Easter, thousands of people buy pet rabbits in honor of the Easter season.  More often than not, these "Easter Bunnies" become the victims of neglect after the Easter season is over and after they grow up.  They are left in their cages, forgotten, given food only when someone finally remembers their existence...

Not every Easter Bunny story has to have a sad ending.  With proper care, rabbits can live happy, healthy, and long...they can grow to be loving pets and permanent companions.  (I should know.  I have been a rabbit owner for two years.)

My website's purpose is to share all the information I can give on the proper care of pet rabbits.  It also has links to other top rabbit sites which can give plenty more information on topics such as rabbit medical care, different breeds, pet shows, and breeding, in which I myself do not have experience.

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The Bunny hutch Website is very new and still in the making. Right now, I am in need of links-both to personal "Rabbit Lover" pages and some commercial sites. If you have a rabbit site or if you can recommend a great commercial/other rabbit lover site, please e-mail me and I will put up a link.

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I am open to suggestions for new pages, additional add-ins for existing pages, etc. I'd also be happy to try my best in answering any questions you may have. Comments can be e-mailed to me or preferably left in my guestbook. Also, please e-mail me if you catch a topical or grammatical mistake!


I have an ALL-NEW PAGE up about rabbits as class pets-specifically, why they should NOT be kept as such. Please visit this page and send feedback!

There are also new bunny pictures in my rabbits' photo album and there are additional links on the page of Rabbit Lovers sites.

My Rabbits

Rabbit Care Pages

Other Rabbit Pages

The Story of Flopsey

Buying and Sexing a Rabbit (Includes Price Information)

Human Contact, Exercise, and Playtime

These will have information on breeds, breeding, medical problems, pet shows, etc.

The Story of Mopsey

Indoor or Outdoor?  (Housing, Bedding, and Cleaning); Hutch Photos

More Than One Bunny or More Than One Pet

Links to Commercial Rabbit Sites

NEW! Rabbits as Class Pets

Flopsey and Mopsey Photos

Food, Drink, and Treats

The Spaying Issue

Rabbit Discussion Groups

Grooming, Common Illnesses, and Home Remedies

Rabbit Language (They are not as silent as you may think!)

Sites of Other Rabbit Lovers


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