Past Times in Paull
With thanks to Mrs. N. Chilton, who owns the originals of most of these photographs.
They may NOT be copied or reproduced without her prior permission.

Paull Shrimper at the turn of the century Shrimp fishermen
One of the Shrimp boats which were the main source of income in the village until well into the 20th Century. A group of the men who sailed these boats.(Both photographs taken around the turn of the century.)
Paull lighthouse
Paull Lighthouse was built by Trinity House in 1836 but was already disused by the end of the 19th century and is now a most unusual private residence. Leading lights were erected further downstream at Thorngumbald Clough to replace the lighthouse (see the History of the Lighthouses website.)
Photo Paull Parish Council
Mrs. Walker Lady with dog, Main Street, Paull
Two of the residents of Paull at the beginning of this century:
Mrs. Walker, of Main Street, who has descendents still living in the village An un-named lady with her dog,
also on Main Street.
Paull School c.1890
Paull School pupils with their Schoolmaster and his wife the Schoolmistress, circa 1890.The pantiled roof behind the schoolchildren was once the blacksmith's workshop and is now used for storage.
(For the history of Paull School, see the school's own website)
Outside Paull Chapel, 1912
The scene outside Paull Methodist Chapel at its rededication after renovations in 1912. The chapel is virtually unchanged although the cottage on the left of the photo is no longer there. Photo Mrs. E. Hulme

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