Future plans for Paull.....

The work on the river defences for Paull and its immediate hinterland is progressing well - see the Environment Agency's on-line newsletter (but please note, the EA seems to be confused as to where the work actually is, and keep referring to Thorngumbald when they are actually working in Paull Parish....) Several of the suggestions put forward by the Parish Council have been adopted, but for the full scheme proposed by the PC, see the Paull Village Enhancement Scheme website.

Hedon Town Council have put forward an outline scheme for developing Hedon Haven which, as most of the Haven runs through Paull Parish, will be undertaken in consultation with Paull Parish Council.

The public toilets in Paull (between the Crown and the Village Hall) have been closed by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council and by now (June 2003) shouild have taken over by the Parish Council: the council had plans to refurbish them and add a disabled toilet prior to a planned reopening in Spring 2003, but these have had to be put on hold due to complications regarding rates etc. - see the Chairman's Annual Report for 2003 on this page for more information.

Keep an eye on this page for future developments

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