name: sinister minister & bad habit
series: spencer's exclusive
released: 2001

date of death: december 25.1966 12:00am
cause of death: lightning
occupation: minister & nun
accessories: incense burner and rosary beads
poem: [coffin] this gruesome twosome, have a dark obsession, with an incense burner and rosary bead, they want your confession.
[death certificate] righteously struck down by lightning, they rose again fast and frightening, this blasphemous boy and demented sister, have a habit that's bad and a sermon quite sinister.
details: 1. sinister minister has the 'sulphur' symbol on his clergy neck cloth.
2. bad habit has the 'sulphur' on the bib of her habit.
did you know: 1. bad habit's outfit has a red inverted cross on the front.
2. sinister minister has 'love' and 'hate' written on his knuckles.
death date significance: unknown

height: 10 inches
hair color: both: black
eye color: black sclera with red iris' and white pupils
skin color: caucasian
coloring: grey smudging around eyes, bad habit has black lips
clothing: sinister minister: red satiny clergy neck cloth, white priest robe with black buttons.
bad habit: white nun's habit with black trim and a red inverted cross on the front.
coffin and lining color: black coffin with red lining
other: none
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