name: died & doom
series: tower records exclusive
released: 2001

date of death: august 9.1969 12:02am
cause of death: murder
occupation: unknown
accessories: bloody cake knife, "just murdered" banner
poem: [coffin] it was one hell of a wedding, that's for sure, the groom was cursed, and the bride impure.
[postmortem marriage license] as punishment for the sins of their crime, they shall remain together till the end of time, it is hereby pronounced that this bride and groom, be wed into blasphemy as died & doom. witnesses: sadie, witnesses: sin, signed by: sinister minister
[death certificate] no wedding night bliss for this bride and groom, that murdered each other on their honeymoon, they hated one another right from the start, but not even death could keep them apart.
details: 1. died is the bride, doom is the groom
2. doom's eyes are rolled upwards
did you know: the bloody cake knife can be inserted into died's chest near her heart
death date significance: unknown

height: 10 inches
hair color: died: black, doom: black
eye color: died: white sclera with black rimmed white iris and black rimmed green pupils
doom: white sclera with black rimmed white iris and black pupils
skin color: died: caucasian, doom: caucasian
coloring: died: black lining eyes, dark lips. doom: black lining eyes.
clothing: died: black splattered white wedding dress trimmed in lace, long white veil
doom: black tuxedo with black shoes, blood splattered white shirt, bowtie, black hat with white satin ribbon around it.
coffin and lining color: black coffin with red lining
other: died has blood oozing from her forehead down the entire length of her face and also has bruise marks on her jaw area.
the side of doom's face is ripped away exposing half the teeth in his mouth.
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