Jamboree On The Air
Here are pictures of the Canadian Troop we made a radio contact with during JOTA.  Also, there is a picture of their Leader, Jeff along with the email message Brian (another leader) sent Tammy.
Good day Tammy as promised here is the picture of Jeff, the guy you were talking to as I took the picture.

We did manage to stay up until 4 A.M.. Slept for a couple of hours and back at it at eight. We were on the air with Australia for several hours. We also hit Antarctica for about half an hour. Sure did enjoy talking with you guys it was the clearest international conversation we had all weekend.

I have also included a picture of the boys and parents that were there. The view in the background is just behind the cabin we stayed in. Beautiful isnít it! We are blessed here with some very spectacular views. I am the chap in the red coat.

Happy scouting hope to hear from you soon.

Brian AKA king Fisher ( scout name)
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