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Community Day 2005

Norfolk Lions Youth Soccer

About Us

This co-ed soccer program improves motor skills and encourages socialization for our younger players. As the children get older, we teach and reinforce the rules, skills, and strategies to help each player develop their own abilities while having fun with the sport of soccer, all the while emphasizing teamwork!

All games are played in Norfolk on Sunday afternoons. We have a spring and a fall season - each running 8 or 9 weeks….

Norfolk Lions Youth Soccer is all about the kids - There are no tryouts. Every players gets a new soccer jersey each season. Everyone gets equal playing time. Players get a chance to play all positions. We don’t keep standings. And everyone receives an award at the end of the season.

We don’t want any child who wants to play to be left and offer financial assistance. While putting the teams together, our division managers try to meet as many request for team placement as possible while keeping the teams even.

Many of our games are videotaped for NCTV which the players love to watch! (Many families make copies to send to grandparents and other fans who can’t be at the game)

Mission Statement

To provide the youth of Norfolk a non-competitive soccer league. The soccer league shall consist of six (6) divisions (under 4, under 5, under 6, under 7, under 9 and under 14). The league shall be run as a not for profit organization.

Affiliation with the Norfolk Lion's Club

It is the mission of the Norfolk Lion's Soccer Club to develop and maintain a strong working relationship with the Norfolk Lion's Club and to help promote and further the philanthropic and community goals of the club. The Norfolk Lion's Soccer Club shall report to the Norfolk Lion's Club twice (2x) per calendar year. A budget/income statement will be provided to the Norfolk Lion's Club. The Norfolk Lion's Club will promote Norfolk Lion's Soccer and encourage volunteerism in both the league and in the leagues governing board. The Norfolk Lion's Soccer Club shall operate under the same not for profit identification number as the Norfolk Lion's Club.

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