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Eyeglass Recycling

Since Helen Keller’s call to be “Knights of the Blind” in 1925, Lions have crusaded for sight conservation. Over the last nine years, Lions have sent nearly 48 million pairs of eyeglasses to the official Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centers. While this number is impressive, many more millions of glasses lie forgotten in drawers, glove compartments and lost and found boxes in offices, airports and hotels.

The Need is Great

One in four children can’t see well enough to read without glasses. By age 40, 90% of all adults will need eyeglasses. The lives of nearly 500 million people around the world would be improved with a simple pair of corrective eyeglasses.
These startling statistics from the World Health Organization demonstrate why Lions need to continue their efforts to collect and recycle eyeglasses. The eyeglasses that are donated to developing countries allow a large number of people to see well for the first time. Recycling a pair of eyeglasses costs as little as eight cents; yet, the expense for correcting poor vision is astronomical to many people in developing countries. In many countries, an eye exam costs as much as one month’s wages, and there is often only one doctor for hundreds of thousands, making it extremely difficult to meet with a doctor. Poor eyesight that is left untreated can cause blindness or force adults into unemployment. Through eyeglass donation programs, glasses are made available to millions each year.

The Path of Glasses

Ever wonder what happens after you’ve collected all of those eyeglasses and sent them to the Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center? Volunteers at the centers sort through the thousands of sunglasses and eyeglasses, separating them by type. The prescription of the lens is determined, and each pair of glasses is cleaned and packaged according to strength of prescription. The glasses are then boxed and stored waiting for mission teams to deliver them to people in need in developing countries. Following eye screenings, the glasses are distributed free-of-charge to children and adults with impaired vision by teams of Lions clubs and other groups.

You can help the Norfolk Lions, by donating your old eyeglasses.
We have a collection box, located at the transfer station.
Thank you for your support!!!

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