Welcome to the my chambers where I practice my artist's skills.  I have finally figured out how to use the modern 'scanner' to get my works on my computer.  Phew!  One modern sketchbook full of drawings has been placed here.  If I draw many more, I may have to ask Rath to design an extension to the Sphinx... Brother!  Where are you!? -Ni'khali
The Artist's Chambers
to see Ni'khali in her Dragon armor.  All lines, black and white.
to see a MUCH better picture. (coloured scan)
for a picture of the Elementalist amulet (upcoming story)
To see a picture of Nissi'rukk.  (upcoming story)
for concept picture of Nileigate.  (upcoming story)
for concept pic of Sandrac.  (upcoming story-don't worry, the story will come very soon.)
for a picture of Xedra.  (upcoming)
to see a pic of Arboreax (u.s.)
for a picture of Hebridea.  (u.s.)
to see a Lionblood.  It could be Liondra, but it could also be Felonios... (u.s.)
for a pic of Nissi'rukk breathing fire.  (u.s.)
for my one borrowed pic.  This picture was seen on Vitani - Rath's page, I just drew my own version.
to see my final picture of Ni'khali in armor.  This time, I drew her alive for fun.
to see the Elemental WaterSky.  (u.s.)
to see the Elemental DesertBlood.  (u.s.)
to see the Elemental Lightning.  (u.s.)
to see the Elemental Grass.  (u.s.)
to see the Elemental LightningGrass.  (u.s.)
to see the pic of a water dragon that popped into my head one day...
to see the Elemental Cloud.  (u.s.)
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