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Welcome to my story site.  The following contains written material of a sexual nature. This is not intended to be read by those under 18 years of age. Those who are offended by such materials are advised to hit 'return' on their browser. For all others, welcome.   

About the Author

I am a 40-something male who lives with wife and young children in a "Pleasant Valley Sunday" type of neighorhood in Raleigh, North Carolina.

'NCmVoyeur' is the nom de guerre I adopted years ago to participate in the laboratories of sexual imagination which are the AOL chat rooms.  Mostly by inertia, but also because the motivation to write derives from that experience, I kept this as my nom de plume as well.

What are the Stories?

Labels and categories are tricky things, and I'm not sure these stories are easily categorized.  These stories are not as intensely and exclusively sexual as much of the 'erotica' found on the Internet.  I don't think the written medium should try to compete with the visual media in graphicness.  I do think, however, it can exceed in depth, understanding, and nuance.  And, contrary to what my pen-name might suggest, these are not a collection of 'peeping Tom' episodes.

My aim is to write erotica that is intelligent and literary, with emphasis on characterization, context, and narrative technique, and with a dash of psychology, humor, and a few surprises thrown in.  Whether I succeed in that effort I will leave to the reader to determine.

It is said that the unexamined life is not worth living.  So, too, I suppose, the unexamined story is not worth writing.  I have included for each story some background and insights under "Author's Notes". But I welcome your feedback.  Feel free to e-mail with comments, gripes, critiques.  Tell me what works, what doesn't work and why.  I've now included a guestbook for readers to say 'hi' or to give feedback. [Due to commercial spam, I've temporarily closed new entries.]Sign Guestbook Your GB is private
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But in any event,  I hope you enjoy.

Happy reading,

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Atonement (woman's encounter with her husband's boss)  Author's Note

First Touch (divorced woman connects via the internet) E   Author's Note

Postcard from San Juan (young honeymooners find adventure) Author's Note

Reminiscences (a couple reflect on their intimate moments together) E   Author's Note

Six Miles on I-95   (man wrestles with infidelity) Author's Note

Pirouette (dancers take their practice to a new level) Author's Note

   E = Received an "Editor's Pick" designation at
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