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"I am who I am. The Drescher persona is a commodity I know how to sell. I'm not frustrated by being pigeon-holed because it's an image I created for myself. I've struggled to get where I am. I'm not going to give it all up to try to prove I can play a whole different range of characters."
                                   to my Fran Drescher website. I am a huge fan of Fran's and, after initially wanting to do a page on "The Nanny" alone, I decided I wanted to do one on Fran herself.
Fran Drescher was born in Flushing, Queens, that is well known. But what is also well known about Fran is that not only is she one of America's premiere funny women, ranking with some of television's funniest females, such as Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball,
but she is also a survivor. A woman who overcame a horrible tragedy and emerged from it stronger, and more determined than ever to make something of herself.
Taking charge of her own destiny, Fran has become a role model for all women everywhere with her beauty, her tenacity, but most of all with her wit.
This site stands as a tribute to that gal with style and flair, who became an icon as.. The Nanny..
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This site is purely a fan tribute to Fran Drescher & The Nanny. Sony Pictures - all rights reserved. We have no connection to Fran Drescher or The Nanny whatsoever.

:  This is a fan site only. I am not Fran Drescher, I have no connection to Fran Drescher or anyone from The Nanny or Living With Fran. I do not have a physical or email address for Fran and have no way to contact her.
The information presented here was collected from publicly aired and
published sources. All materials are used without permission of their creators (who legally hold their respective copyrights). Should any specific materials presented herein be considered in violation of copyright laws, the holder of the copyright should contact the webmistress and the offending material will be promptly removed.
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