Fran Drescher Online F.A.Q's
I get a lot of questions and comments for this website, and so rather than repeat the same answers, I decided to make a list of some of the most asked questions and some of the most repeated comments I have recieved. I hope this helps some of you looking for answers. Please feel free to ask any questions, or send any comments you like. I will still read them....
1. "Dear Fran, I am your biggest fan...."
  As I stated on my mainpage, I am not an official Fran Drescher website and have no contact with her whatsoever. While I am appreciative that some of you profess your undying love for our favorite actress, I have no way to get all of your well wishes to her. If you simply have to tell the world how much you love Fran, leave a message on our message board. There are two. There is one for Fran fans, this is located on the mainpage. Then there is the one for the Nanny. This is located on my Nanny page. I am not saying that Fran will ever see it, but you never know.

2. Where can I write to Fran?
  Right now, I have no address for Fran. Since she will be starring on a new show for the WB titled "Living With Fran", there may be an address for her through the show. But I do not have a current address for her. If you know her address, please contact us and, after verifying it, I will post it for all Nanny/Fran fans.
I found this address for Fran's production company where I believe you can write her:

   Fran Drescher
c/o Uh-Oh Productions
10202 W. Washington Blvd.
Poitier Bldg. Room 3207
Culver City, CA 90232

3. When will the Nanny be put on DVD?

This is the most asked Fran/Nanny question I get. The truth is, I don't know. There was confirmation on the Benjamin Salisbury official website in which he said the DVD was due out this winter (I believe he said November) but apparently the deal fell through and now there is no offical date for any Nanny DVD's. It isn't a question of whether there will be any Nanny DVD's, but when will there be any Nanny DVD's. Nanny fans are so determined to see their favorite girl on DVD that they have organized a petition. So until there is a set date, Nanny fans will simply have to be patient. But put your name on the petition. You never know.
Finally, what all Nanny fans have been waiting for. The Nanny on DVD. After years of waiting, and months of back and forth, yes and no responses, it was confirnmed that the first season of the Nanny will be released for all regions in the summer of 2005.
Of course, as usual, this can change. But as of now, this the official word. So Nanny fans, be patient, she's coming!

4. Where are the stars of the "Nanny" now?
  Many are still acting. Fran, after taking a sebatacle to rest and deal with the cancer that took forever to diagnose, has decided to return to television and has starred in several episodes of her upcoming mid-season replacement series "Living With Fran" (formerly titled "Shacking Up"). In it, Fran plays the mother of a twenty something son, and who is dating a twenty something man. Charles Shaughnessy appears in the last episode (for the season, if the show gets picked up), as her naughty ex-husband. A real treat for Nanny fans!
As for Charles, he is still acting and after a run in the Broadway smash "Urinetown" continues to act in television movies, most recently, he will be seen in "Mystery Woman: Vision of murder", costarring Kellie Martin, which will be seen on the Hallmark channel.
Daniel Davis (Niles), is currently starring in a production of "La Cage Au Folles" to smashing reviews. It was because of this that he was unable to appear on the Nanny reunion show, "A Nosh To Remember". He currently lives in Westwood, California. He is very interested in being involved in another television series.
Lauren Lane (C.C.) continues to act and in 2000, put out her own line of evening handbags. She divorced her husband in 1998, and is raising her daughter Kate in Texas where she also teaches a acting courses at the Paramount Theatre & State Theater Company.
Nicholle Tom continues to act, and bought her own home which she shares with her boyfriend. Nicholle recently acted in the films, The Princess Diaries, The Book Of Ruth and most recently, In Memory Of My Father, co-starring Jeremy Sisto.
Although she still loves acting, Tom is also interested in going to school and maybe working with animals someday.
Benjamin Salisbury decided to rely on more than just his acting talents and moved away for a time to attend college in Washington D.C. where he earned his B.A. in Broadcast journalism at American University, making the deans list six times!
Benjamin also continues to act, most recently in commercials for Kinkos and Hometown Buffet. He continues to make appearances in independent films. His most recent project is for a picture titled, "The Red Zone".
Madeline Zima still has a thiving movie career, and most recently appeared as a young Lucille Ball in the television movie "Lucy". She also appeared alongside Hillary Duff in the film, "A Cinderella Story". Currently, when not working in LA and attending college, she is working on a novel. She and her sisters have their own website, The ZIMA Sisters' Official Home Page. Fan letters can be sent via email from the site, and Miss Zima answers as many of them as she can.
After The Nanny ended in 1997, Renee Taylor went straight to work, starring in an off broadway play with her husband, Joseph Bologna. She continues to act and has starred in movies like "National Lampoons Gold Diggers" and "Alfie", alongside Jude Law.
Taylor is also a champion for animal rights and she and her husband continue to act and produce several projects together. Renee also received an honoray doctorate along with her husband from Hofstra University.
After years as a character actress, Guilbert struck gold again as Grandma Yetta. Since then, she has continued to act in many movie and television projects, including two reunion shows, one for the Nanny, and one for the Dick Van Dyke Reunion show, a show that was quite often parodied on The Nanny. She continues to make a career as a character actress.
Rachel Chagall makes occasional appearances on Television, most recently, she joined many Nanny cast members on an episode of Strong Medicine titled, "Like Cures Like".
Otherwise, Rachel is busy being a mother to her twins. She and Fran continue to be friends in real life.

5. Will there every be another Nanny reunion?
You never know. The Nanny continues to be one of the most popular shows on Lifetime network. But there are no immediate plans for another reunion.

6. "I read that Fran was raped. Were the suspects every caught?"-Emily Marks, Ontario, Canada.
Yes, Fran was a rape victim. In 1985, Fran and her then husband, Peter Marc Jacobsen, first moved to L.A., they were having dinner with their friend Judi when two armed men broke into their apartment.
Fran recounted the incident in her book, "Enter Whining",
"We had just finished dinner. I'd made meatloaf, and by around eight o'clock we were still sitting around the kitchen table when Chester, who was only two at the time, began barking at the front door. So I got on the intercom and asked, "Who is it?" but there was no answer. Twice this happened and twice I chalked up the disturbance to a neighbor.
But they were out there, diligently working at unhinging our door. Why didn't I look out the window, or the peephole, or the upstairs terrace? More questions that can never be answered. You can't rewrite history, you can only learn from it or be doomed to repeat it. I can tell you this much, we now heed little Chester's warnings with the attention and speed of a failsafe operation.
Suddenly there was a loud bang. Peter later said he thought it was an earthquake, but from my seat at the kitchen table, I could see what was happening.
The front door was broken down, and two men with guns were running toward us. I let out a scream that was more like a promal roar, when every nuance of your being is focused on  one thing. The hardest thing for Peter to get beyond ub therapy was the image of me (the only one who knew what was happening), the look on my face of sheer and absolute horror in that initial moment. But we were taught to walk out minds past that point all the way to the part when
they left and we lived.
Now, it was just that week that I happened to be watching a morning talk show and felt the impact of what a police detective was saying about most victims not making good witnesses. I foud it so interesting that the greatest difficulty in finding a perpatrator is mostly due to the fact the victim becomes crippled by such fear during the attack that they are rarely ever able to to give a clear description. The detective went on to say how important it was to get a good look at your assailant, notice any distinguishing marks. Memorize his face so the police will have to a better opportunity of apprehending the guy. Because of that TV program, I did just that, and managed to work out a police sketch that was such a dead ringer you'd think the creep sat and posed for his own portrait! He had small, oddly shaped eyes and teeth that were slightly bucked so as to heep his lips apart even when his mouth was closed. Medium-black skin, short curly hair, Italian loafers and a Windbreaker.
The Police later informed us that there had been many violent attacks in our area, and that they had been granted a three night budget by the city. If the assailant hadn't shown up in those three days it's likely that they might bever have caught him. Ever corner had a plainclothesman with a police radio, just watching and waiting, each with acopy of my police sketch.
When a white car with Compton plates pulled out of a driveway, the vehicle began to be tagged as it headed toward the freeway. Just before it hit the freeway ramp, it was pulled over and it was all over. Out of the car climbed my rapist, a convicted felon out on parole, with jewelry hanging out of his pocket and his fly still unzipped.Tragically, some oor womanhad to become his last victim before he was apprehended.
The detective who arrested him said that he kept saying he didn't do anything, that they had the wrong man, but the police sketch, when held next to him, looked like a dead ringer. The detective said, This is you you motherf*****, and you're under arrest!" God bless the Van Nuys P.D.
  Two busloads of witnesses (victims) testified in court, and this sorry excuse for a man was put away without parole for 120 years. His partner and brother got 15. The police said they were on a rampage.  Two weeks after the attack, Peter and I made love for the first time. He must have noticed my face, eyes closed, contorted with inner agony, and instictively in my head, I was back at the scene of the crime. He said, "Open your eyes, it's only me...Fran! Open your eyes, it's me, only me." I opened my eyes and kept them open, easing back into life."

Fran and Peter struggled to put the whole incident behind them and happily accepted their friends Dan Akroyd and Donna Dixon's invitation to stay at their home for as long as they needed. They stayed for three months.
Fran and Peter managed to move on and keep the rape quiet for many years, until Fran made an appearance on The Howard Stern show. While waiting backstage, Fran listened while Howard began to tak about Fran's rape on the air. Although Fran was horrified, and Peter angry, she decided that she would come out with the whole story, as she was the victim, and had nothing to be ashamed of.
Since then, Fran has delved into serious therapy in order to deal with the memories of her rape, and although there were many other reasons as well, it was one of the causes of Fran and Peter's divorce in later years.
  Fran has worked hard to not only deal with her own rape, but to help others with her story as many women have found comfort knowing that if someone like Fran could come through the other side of such a horrible experience, perhaps they could too.

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