Starfinder, as portrayed by one of my
dearest friends, J-D
Starfinder with Skyweaver and her beloved Samoht

Upon entering this realm, you see a rather tall fairy (well, tall in fairy terms anyway) standing before you. Long flowing blonde hair frames her face. You can see that she is clothed in a dark purple robe, glittering with silver, and holds a wooden staff in her right hand. Around her neck, you can see a chain which holds a silver ankh. Curled lazily at her feet is a large and gentle-looking creature. It is a dragon, whose scales shine in deep blue and bright golden hues in the light. Both of them are surrounded by a silver aura.

Welcome stranger. It must be some strange travels that bring you to my world. Let me introduce myself. I am known as Starfinder, Grey Mage of the Atlantis Magicians and the wife of Samoht. This is Skyweaver, my friend and companion. Please, stay a bit and explore my world, and perhaps meet a few of the other inhabitants in this magical land.

Xyllomer is a huge land full of many different people. I spend most of my time, studying or playing, in Atlantis. Atlantis is a fairly small island in the center region of Xyllomer. I believe, ah yes, here it is... Take a look at this map. It will show you the explored regions of Xyllomer. Perhaps someday you will stop by and visit us?

We Magicians are a curious lot. If you would like to hear somthing about the guild, I would suggest you visit Mandarb. He has been a part of the mages guild longer than I can remember and would be able to answer many of your questions.

If you are looking for a good story or two, I can only tell you my story or direct you to a vast library located not far from here where you can find quite an extensive collection of tales from Xyllomer.

I bid you farwell good traveller, and may the gods bless you in your travels. As you prepare to depart, Starfinder makes a magical gesture and looks in your direction. Suddenly, you notice too are now surrounded by the silver aura and you feel protected.

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Many thanks to the player of Blue/Rosencrantz for her fairy drawings used in the webring.

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