When I began to build a web site for Jamie, I was unable to find a collection of poetry that expressed the grief I felt in losing my darling daughter.  Eventually I built a small collection to use on her site and have found others that I would like to share with anyone who may find comfort in them.  I have attempted to give credit for those authors available.  If I have used anyone's work without proper credit, please notify me and I will correct it at once.
To Dance With Butterflies

Lit A Candle

Whisper In The Wind

Rainy Days

If I Knew

The Departure

Mom, Please Listen

I See You In My Dreams

Heaven's Night

We Remember Them

I Hear Each Tear

Mother's Day Wish From Heaven

While We Are Apart

I Can Tell


Remember Me

To My Dearest One On Earth

Hugs From Heaven

The Magic Of Your Soul


Whispers From Heaven


Forgotten?  Never !!

Angel Cord

We Do Not Need A Special Day

Stream of Dreams

Love Eternal


A Fallen Limb

My Dream

Little One, Little One

Many poems not listed here are on Jamie's  pages.  Please remember to look at those poems too !!  If you found something  appropriate, please sign Jamie's guestbook and let us know !!  Please check back often... I will be adding more as time permits.
Poetry For Angels
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Where Are You?

Angels Speak

Laughing Child

A Kiss

I Release You to Fly


All Nature Tells Us

If Only I Could Know

So Tired

When I Think of You

Where is Heaven?

Child Gone Home

Are You There?

Friend To Friend

I Am Here

The Angels

Not Ever Gone

God's Garden

I Lost My Child Today

When Tomorrow Starts Without Me


Dear Child In Heaven

A Child Of Mine

Angel Whispers

A Special Angel

We Shall Meet Again

Don't Tell Me

My Daughter

Teardrops In Heaven

A Message From Heaven

Nature's Rainbows

A Face In The Clouds

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Love Poetry ?
Don't Weep

To Those I Love

So She May Hear

For You

When I Must Leave You

An Angel's Kiss

Lights of Love

Your Dreams

Beyond The Rainbow's End

And God Said

Her Smile


I Miss You

Five Candles

My Wish

If Only I Had Known

A Bridge Called Love

I Shall Not Die

The Loveliest of Memories

Borrowed Gems


Reflections Of A Mother

First Thanksgiving

I'm Free

Give What's Left of Me Away

Just For Today

To Those I Love  (2nd Poem)

Another Day

Ode:Intimation of Immortality

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Yesterday I cried

This Too Shall Pass

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