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~ to Nica of "Heavens Children's Graphics Group".  She designed the graphics for Jamie's Home Page and the film strip graphic for the guestbook  Please visit Nica's angel, Kerri's, website           and sign the guestbook.            

~ to Sharon Farar, "Heavens Children's Graphics Group".  She introduced me to "Heaven's Children" and helped me get started.  Please visit her angel, Josh's website and sign the guestbook.

~  to Steven Farar, Sharon's son, who "introduced" us. 

~  to all of you at "Heavens Children"  for your inspiration, love and encouragement
~ to the wonderful people at "GROWW".
Thank you for being there even though I am sorry for the reason.

~ to "The Compasionate Friends"  for reaching out to those who have lost a child.

~ to Yahoo/Geocities who provide free webhosting and their employees that will answer even the dumbest question

~ to all the amazing graphic artists who put their marvelous work out there in the public domain.  One day I will learn PSP
   ~  to Kris Thornton, head graphic designer of "Heavens Children's Graphics Group",  who created the beautiful globe on Jamie's 2nd Page.  Please visit her angel, Bradley's website and sign the guestbook.

~  to Jeanine Blevins, the founder of "Heavens Children" & "Heavens Childrens Graphics Group".  Jeanine created the beautiful plaque on "Our Angels" page.  Please visit her daughter, Jennie Cathryn's web site and sign her guestbook
There are a number of people who are owed a debt of gratitude for this project, not the least of which are those individuals and corporations who accepted money and then failed to deliver.  The disappointment and anger, generated by their lack of consideration, merely fueled my determination to have this website.  I showed them, went out and learned it myself !!  The majority of the graphics on these pages are in the public domain.  Those graphic sites, which were "linkware"  are acknowledged on this page by a graphics tag and a link to their site.  If I have ommited anyone, please accept my appologies and email me at the link provided.  I will correct it ASAP.
I can do all things through
Him who strengthens me.
Phillipians 4:13
Do you know someone who would like to share Jamie's memory?  Just click on this link, a new window will open and you can email this site.

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