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Wicca Advice Online
Merry meet all,
  We here at Wicca Advice online are once again in the middle of updating, expanding , growing whatever words you'd like to use.

Changes made thus far include:
   1.The Natural healing section of the site has  been moved to its own site. Called 'Healthy Witch's natural healing' .There is links back here to Wicca Advice Online and to other helpful sites.
2. The spell section of the site has also been moved to a site of its own.
More changes are set in the future. I will keep you posted.
   I hope to have everything back to normal , and new and improved soon.
Many Blessings ,
Altar consecration
Advanced Visualiation
Aura Colours

Before time was
Bill of rights
Balancing and grounding ritual
Basic spell construction

Children and the craft
Celtic tree calendar
Clothing - to wear or not
Charge of the Goddess
Ceremony of Initiation
Color magick
Charge of the God
Circle casting

Design Your  Dreams
Days of the week-magick meanings
Do's and don'ts of Wicca/Witchcraft


Famous Pagans
Five Fold Kiss
Feather Magick

Honor the energy of life

Laws of Wicca
Moon Phases
Moon's thoughts

Natural Beauty

Pagan-Wiccan Psalm

Spells index
Self-Dedication Rite
Steps to being Wiccan
Scott Cunningham
Sabbat candle Colors
Spell times _ new!!

Types of Witches
Tools used

Website Blessing
Witch quiz
What is Paganism
What is Wicca
Words to Live by
What is Witta ?
Wiccan Rede
Wild Crafting

13 Goals of a Wiccan

Natural healing
Add Me!

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