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I am blessed to have had three such wonderful children.Although our time together was so short,I knew you so well.

David you were my first born,we had a few short minutes together after you were born.You were a strong little boy,kicking me all the time.Every one of your movements was a joy to me,even when I thought you were trying to kick your way out.
When you were born you looked a lot like me.You had my nose and hands and feet.You were blessed with your dads cute chin and ears.You were so perfect.
John you were my first born twin.So tiny and fragile.I never relly felt you move too much,it was always your brother kicking so hard.You were the gentle sensitive one,so loving.I used to feel your little taps right at the top of my tummy.I was blessed to touch your little hands and talk to you,tell you how much I loved you, and your daddy told you how much he loved you too.I saw you kicking your little legs and waving your little arms.I'm so sorry that I had to let you go,but I had my reasons and I know you know what they were.
You were my perfect little boy.You had your dads chin and my nose, and your dads hands and feet.
Stephen you were my second born twin.How you cried when you were born.That is my greatest memory of you.Such a beautiful sound.You were the cheeky one.You always wanted to be the boss.I remember all the kicking you did before you were born. I remember how lively you were, throwing your arms and legs around wildly after you were born.You were the most like me,with just your dads chin.You were so perfect and beautiful.I held your little hands and told you how important you were to me and your daddy.
I had to let you go though, and you know why.Now you and John will be forever together.
You are all my perfect treasured little boys and I will love and hold you in my heart and in my memories until we meet again.
Thankyou for being my sons.
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