Sooo...I made some pages about the characters of Newsies and then decided I would dedicate them to their fans!  The information used in these pages is solely from the Disney movie "Newsies".  Disclaimer: I don't take credit for the characters I am writing about.  They belong to Disney. 

If you would like a page dedicated to you please e-mail me at and I will.  Please remember that this is not meant to start fights.  A page can be dedicated to more than one fan. 

Davie's Page-Dedicated to Squibble
Spot's Page- Dedicated to Tinker and Jibajabba
Jack's Page-dedicated to Hoodwink and Stress
Boot's Page- Dedicated to Aki
Snipeshooter's Page- Dedicated to Aki
Skittery's Page- Dedicated to Tunes and Spin
Blink's Page- Dedicated to Spin

If I have forgotten any that anyone has sent in then I apologize.  Also I want everyone to know that I am working on the ones that are not linked and I hope to be done soon.  Thank you for your patience.

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