Soo...this is where I will put whatever I add just so that then you know!  And I'll put what I'm going to do...because I feel like it even though I guess that isn't necessarily an update...LEAVE ME ALONE!

Here they are:

June 30, 2002- Added stories to fanfiction page, did update page, finished CC page and starting a fanfiction contest page! Plans:  Do my "Newsies living at my House" page at some point.

June 31, 2002- Put up Entries for fanfiction contest.  Plans: Transfer all stories onto webpages of their own since is being stupid.

July 1, 2002-  Put up more entries, redid fanfiction page , transferred all stories onto webpages.  Plans:  Start review page

July 2, 2002- Made Review Page  although I don't have any stories up yet.  Have almost all the links added to entries page. Plans: Work on Newsies Living in my House page and try and get some of the stories up on the Review Page.

July 3, 2002- Added two more of my own stories--Tinker's Story  and Sounds Like Another Plan Put reviews up for first story.  Added one more entry to contest. Made page about me and page about Squibbly!

July 7, 2002-  Added Newsies that live in my house page and more reviews. 

July 9, 2002- Updated Tinker's Story, Added reviews, annd added the much awaited (maybe by some?) Jibajabba page

July 11, 2002- Added fan fiction writers profile page, finished Tinker's story

July 12, 2002-  Added Reviewers Profiles, added Random stuff page, Re-organized main page Plans: Re-do links page

July 13, 2002- Finished Link's page, re did main page slightly, and made Movie Theories Page  Added new, never been seen scenes to Tinker's Story and edited it and such...

July 22, 2002- Made tribute pages for Spot, Jack and Davie added a couple reviews and new stories to my fan fiction contest.  Finally updated my updates page...hehe... Plans: Gotta update my fic

July 23, 2002- Put up more stories for ff contest and reviews, updated NGAA and SSFAB, Gunna try to do more tribute pages

July 25, 2002- Updated random things here and there...added A Contest For Skittery (new fic)

July 30, 2002- Added dolls, more picturey thingys, Got more awards WAHOOOEEEY, put up funny conversations, made a survey, and ended fanfiction contest.

October 2, 2002- Well that's it for me boys and girls.  I quit.  Yes that is right...actually I quit a while ago but never actually told people I more updates no more nothing unless for some unknown reason I return to my obsession which I very much doubt so don't hold your breath...its been fun!  Ciao!

December 17, 2002- Annnd I return to my obsession...maybe you shoulda held your breath...though it would be hard to do so for a few months.  Anyway, I'm gunna get right to work adding new stuff and what not...wish me luck!

January 14, 2002
- LOL and a month later I actually decide to sue me! Actually, don't for I am poor and have not money...anyway, today I finished Cotest for Skittery, added to Sounds Like a Plan: Part 2, and put up Just A Day.

June 17, 2004- All right, it's been quite awhile...well, a year...and some months...but I decided to come back.  So right now, I'm just kinda redoing the page 'cause I feel like it.  But I have a couple new ideas for different pages and such sooo yeah, give me some time and they'll all be up cause I'm wicked bored this summer.
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