Hey everyone and welcome to my Newsie Randomness!  Yes thats right! An entire page of us talking about the greatest show ever made...I would advise you to leave now because there is no chance of you leaving this page as smart as you were when you entered.  If that makes any sense...If it does make sense be scared because my evil powers have already began working on you! WAHAHA...just kidding!  Sorry, forgive my scariness.  As I was saying there is no chance of you leaving this page as smart as you were when you entered but you might be a little more amused....Anyways onto the Newsies.  Yeah don't expect like amazingness or whatever because umm...I'm just a kid who knows nothing about computers trying to have a little fun...have mercy on me! Okay now that you have been warned ONTO THE NEWSIES! YAAAAAY

Just a small little warning...Please don't read this if you have uhh...delicate ears...well mind...whatever!  I'm warning you now there is probably
R material in here...this is the only warning you get so procede with caution or whatever...
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