Welcome to my RCA REB1100 Web Site dedicated to the RCA eBook.  This site is designed to provide information regarding the eBook that is not available at other sites, as well as to provide a central linking area to related sites and downloads of books that I have created using the Rocket Librarian.

     The eBook is the successor to the Nuvomedia RocketBook, and the hardware is very similar.  In addition, the software is the same, making all ebooks compatible between the two units.  In fact, the eBook was likely made by Nuvomedia as a second generation successor to the RocketBook and simply rebadged by RCA.

     I hope that this site will be useful to people who are considering buying an eBook, and I would be happy to share my experiences with prospective buyers.  I do not work for RCA or Gemstar, and this web site is intended to be an independent voice for eBook users.

     My next project is to include several interesting items for installing on your REB 1100.   

     Please feel free to contact me to provide more material for this site!

Update September 14, 2001:  RCA is offering $200 worth of free books for new subscribers and claiming "thousand of title now available".  I hope they will extend this offer to early adopters.  Will e-mail and see how they respond.
Rumor mill has the REB going for $199.  This should spark more interest especially with the imminent release of the Hiebook (if that is ever released).


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last updated September 14, 2001

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