Mighty Quinn,
My Giant Schnauzer


I'd like to tell you about our boy. He is nine months old now and smart as a whip. He's had two training classes and is enrolled in a third one on Feb. 25, 2004. He learns very fast and remembers things, quite fast. In his last training class the trainer had all the dogs race and the winner received a doggy bag of treats. The race was timed and all the dogs had to perform all the things they learned in the 8 weeks.  Well Quinn won.  He went through that course in no time at all. Listened to my every command.



I kind of felt sorry for the other dogs and their owners because their dogs became to excited and owners had a hard time getting them through the course, not Quinn, he stayed focus and on track.  I was so proud of him.  While the other dogs had to have their owners hold on to their leases, I dropped Quinn's and we sailed through everything perfectly.  It's a lot easier when you don't have to hold onto lease while giving the hand signals.  I enrolled him with AAA kennel training for his third training class.  I hear their real good. 

Quinn's getting so big and he is so majestic looking.  He is very much the gentlemen too.  When we go to leave the house he will sit and wait until we go out the door first.  If you ask him if he wants to by-bye he will prick up his ears and go find his lease for you.  He absolutely loves going in the car.  I even talked Greg into getting a Ford Explorer, told him, well you know our boy is going to big so we may need to get a bigger car and he agreed, so i guess it's Quinn's truck.  He sits in the back and in the summer the air-conditioning is right at his level so he puts his face right in front of it. 


He also likes to sit in chairs.  In the summer my grandfather was itting in his backyard and we were over visiting and quinn climbed up in the lawn chair next to my papa and just sat there. It was funny because my grandfather looked over at him and Quinn just looked back at him and then put his head on my grand fathers shoulder.  Well at that moment my 80 year grandfather fell in love with him.

Come back & watch

this handsome boy grow up!

As the song goes...

"Come all without, come all within
You'll not see nothing
like the Mighty Quinn."

My boys official name is TripleCrown's Mighty Quinn


  Then a few months later my mom was over and we were sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee and talking.  Quinn comes into kitchen and climbs up into chair and just sits there like he wants to join in conversation, oh we laughed so hard at him.  Sometimes we will have an extra chair by computer and he will sit in it while we are on computer. I even showed pictures of his mom and dad online.


  We have a ferret named Rocky, 2 rabbits, 2 cats , a Springer spaniel, named Spanky,  who belongs to my daughter Tara and my other daughter just got a eleven week old puppy , which is a Australian cattle dog named Sadie.  Spanky's older and really doesn't like to play that much , but since Sadie is here Quinn has a new best friend


  The vet gave Sadie a clean bill of health and so we introduced Sadie to Quinn, I was a bit nervous but he is quite gentle with her, in fact she picks on him more and she is only the size of his head.  They play and then both will curl up and take a nap together , so cute.  The cats climb all over him , but when he gets up to play with them they take off, but boy they sure like to lay on him.

I brush him everyday, and brush his teeth, clean his ears, and give him a massage.  We take trips to Pet Smart about 2 or 3 times a week.  We do all his tricks and what he learned in training everyday.  I'm teaching him to roll over now.  He does it , but sometimes it's hard for him to get his big butt over.  We're working on crawling , but his butt again, keeps going up in the air.  He's funny. 

His Proud Mom,"Quinn is my boy!

Renea Smith



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