<b>Dancing With Art and Poetry</b>

Dancing With Art and Poetry

This one I call Summer

This one I call Fall

This one I call Winter

Looking In
by Kristi Holman

Do those eyes stare into the soul,
See the meaning inside,
or do they hide from the knowledge that lies,
deep within waiting to be revealed,
to those who dare look in?

No One Cares
by Kristi Holman

Darkness falls,
Feelings of lonelyness
Wash over my soul.
Coldness envelops me,
No one cares.

Reaching inside,
Ripping my heart out,
Collapsing world.
Darkness surrounds me,
No one cares.

Laying alone,
Becoming nothing,
Anger enters me,
No one cares.

Daylight approaches,
I awake,
Dreams fade.
Stillness around me,
No one cares.

One Moment
by Kristi Holman

Longing to hold you near,
Breath in your scent,
The softness of your skin by mine,
Your breath on my neck,
Your hands caressing me,
Your lips meet mine
In a passionate kiss.
Forever in this moment,
Lost in time.
We live, we are, we die.
How I long to hold you near.

Knight and Dragon
by Kristi Holman.

Sunset comes.
Atop the mountain sits the dragon.
His scales glimmering.
Eyes searching the horizon.
Mist surrounds him.

A lone hero approaches.
Armor gleeming.
Sweat on his brow.

The dragon takes flight.
The knight draws his sword.
The two collide in battle.
Rage and Fire.
Steel and Courage.

The dragon sleeps eternal.
The knight goes forth.
Ever fighting on.

Hope you enjoyed my art.. more to come later

The Artist

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