Dancing With Wicca Tools

Things I learned from, Things I have, Things You could get.

Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton.

Main Tools of the Craft

The Broom, The Wand, The Censer, The Cauldron, The Athame,
The Bolline, The Crystal Sphere, The Pentacle, The chalice,
The Book of Shadows, and The Bell.

Uses of the Tools

The Broom

Used to ward against evil by being placed across the
threshold of your home.
Placed under pillows to guard the sleeper tp bring pleasant
Used to "sweep" astral buildup out of ritual areas.
Used in handfastings for broomleaps.
Used as a vessel to temporarily house a spirit or entity.
Laid at the gateway to a coven circle.
Used to send messages to others via astral travel.
Set outside to make friends with local fairy folk. (should a
mist surround your broom, you will know your message was

Symbolizes both the Goddess and the God.


The Wand.

Used during incantations.
Used to draw magick circles and symbols on the ground.
Points to danger when balanced upon the witches hand.
To stir a brew in the Cauldron.
Stands for communication and matters of business.

Symbolizes the God.

Element: Air.

The Censer

Used during indoor rituals to burn incense.

Incence Uses:
*Purifying Circles
*Purifying your home
*Helping you reach altered states of consciousness.

Element: Air.

The Cauldron

Used as the focal point during rituals.
During Spring rituals, water and flowers can be put inside it.
During winter rituals, a fire can be burned within it.
Used to brew oils and drinks.
Used for scrying.

Symbolizes The Goddess.

Element: Water.

The Athame

This is the Black Handled knife which is primarily used to
direct energy during rituals.
Used to cast magick circles and cut doorways in the circles.
Used to command and manipulate power.
Used to carve runes upon candles.

Symbolizes The God.

Element: Fire.

The Bolline.

This is the White handled knife use to gather herbs, plants,
and what ever else you need to cut for magick use.
Like wands and cords.
Also can be used to carve runes upon candles.

The Crystal Sphere

Used in divination.
Placed upon the altar to represent the Goddess.
Used to store energy.
Used as the center for full moon rituals.

Symbolizes the Goddess.

Element: Earth.

The Pentacle

Used to evoke entities.
Used as an amulet or charm.
Used to summon the Goddess and the God.
Used to draw material gain to oneself.
Used to evoke protection.
Used to empower items.
Should be Upright at All Times!!

Symbolizes The Goddess and The God.

Element: Earth.

The Chalice

Used in dedication and initiation ceremonies.
Used in Holiday rituals.
Used in certain spells.
Used to drink mead and other beverages.
Can be used for scrying when other items are not available.

Symbolizes The Goddess.

Element: Water.

The Book of Shadows (or Light)

This is the Witches personal spell book.
Used to write spells, incantations, rituals, runes, rules,
notes or whatever you want to in it.
All contents should pertain to Magick or Religion.

The Bell

Used to invoke the Goddess during ritual.
Used to ward off evil spirits and spells.
Used to halt storms.
Used to evoke good spirits.
Used to guard the Home.
Signals the beginning and the end of a spell.

Symbolizes the Goddess.

Element: Air.

There are other items such as candles, herbs, oils which you
may need for rituals. There are also gems. These are all
explained later and elsewhere.

Reference Books You Can Buy:


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