The Group of Hackers and Others

We Were The Sheet! 1996 to Present.

3 AM by Matchbox 20.


This is Jason S. and a toe pop.
I am in the back ground...

This is another friend of mine Jason C.

This is Jason S. doing his famous Mind Meld move.

This is Jon T. doing his shoulder stall.

This is part of my crazy group of friends..

This is Chris I. He is yet another "crazy" friend!

This is Steve G.
Aka.. The dude who lived in the basement(not room shown)..


Numb At The Hallway on Jan. 19, 2004

Numb At The Blue Note on March 20, 2004

Me, now

Me, Again

Adam and Jonzie at The Blue Note, March 20, 2004

Me, Oct 2004

Home Again

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