Dancing With The Music!

Push by Matchbox 20.

You like to Rock? You like to Have Fun? You like to Drink Beer?

Then Check This Out:

First Annual Fucker Festival


What can I say...They are the best upcoming band of all! They are Rocktacular!! Go see for yourself... and listen to great songs like Predator and Time and Soul Break!!


Oh... and be sure to rate the songs by listening to them and voting!! Peace!


The Black Album With all its intense, emotion causing, awesome songs!

Don't get me wrong.. their other albums were the bomb.. but none came close to that one!

The Urge!!

Who? You are probably asking yourself.. The Urge is only the hottest band to hit the scene coming out of St. Louis. They are the Self proclaimed Kings of the Mosh! With songs like "Going to the Liquor Store" "Jump Right In" and "Gettin' Hectic" it is no wonder why. The lead singer will get right out there and Mosh with you! This group is one well worth checkin out!


Korn has just recently entered themselves into my CD library with their album "Follow The Leader". They are just kewl and awesome, and for anyone out there who has not heard of them, I command you to go out and buy this album. Now.. Get Going. What the heck are you waiting for?? For those of you who do know Korn, Rock on!

The Bloodhound Gang

These guys have to be the number one on my "when you just don't know what mood your in.. Listen to this" list. Their album which is in my CD library is the Beer Coaster Album. It has some pretty crazy songs on it. Songs for all moods. Go get it.


Filter's song "Hey Man, Nice Shot" is one of their greatest songs ever. Their album Short Bus is among those in this massive CD collection. It is kewl.

Insane Clown Posse!!

The Psychadelic Killer Clowns Have come to tell you about your inner darkside! From "Chicken Huntin'" to "Cotton Candy".. They will throw Faygo in your face and make you apologize for it. They are kewl. CDs I own of theirs: The Amazing Jekel Brothers and The Riddle Box. Other ones I want: Tunnel of Love and The Great Melinko.

Loreena McKennitt

To be quite honest, I have one single CD by her. The Mummers' Dance. It is a good meditative and relaxing song. Very good. Good for meditations and background music for Wiccan Rituals.

Lynyrd Skynyrd

What else needs be said? "Sweet Home Alabama", "Tuesday's Gone", "Free Bird", all great southern Rock music from a great Southern Rock Band!!


His method is madness, his lyrics are offensive, and he is not gonna stop... You either love him or hate him. Give this boy a downer and check out his tunes.

For all you music fans out there.. Fear not my friends, these are but a few of the CDs and Songs that I wrote on.. I like MANY MANY others. From Classic Rock (Pink Floyd Rules) to Country (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band!!) to Rap, R&B, Alternative, Rock.. and.. well.. anything EXCEPT opera. Peace to y'all! I am out.

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