Dancing With The Movies

These are movies that I have seen over the years.
Some good, some not so good.
I will tell you about the basic plot..
trying to not give away the whole movie!
And I will tell you if I think its worth watching,
in my opinion.

Glycerine by Bush.


13 going on 30~~This movie is about a thirteen year old girl, trying to fit in and be popular. When she is embarassed at her birthday party, she makes a wish to be Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving.. just like the women in her favorite magazine. She gets her wish. It is a fun film of what it would be like to be a thirteen year old trapped in a thirty year old life. A definate chic flick.. but A good one. A

Alien vs Predator~~This film has a good story, lots of action, and excellent acting. The Predators set up a place for them to hunt aliens. Humans are used to begin the hunt by bringing about the aliens. Then, the battle begins. If the Predators win, they are marked and go home. If the aliens win, all life is destroyed.. Who wins? You'll just have to go see.. A must see! I loved it, you should too.

Armageddon~~This movie is about a group of oil drillers sent to space to prevent an asteroid the size of Texas from crashing into and destroying Earth. Staring such greats as Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler, it is an excellent movie!


Bring It On-- About teenage cheerleaders and their cheerocracy. Like duh, for real, and for sure. Kind of cheesy, but I liked it cause the new girl had attitude. Like Rah Rah Rah.. dudes don't watch.. Chics go see it!


Clerks--The original Jay and Silent Bob movie. All about two clerks and the misadventures surrounding them.. Including a chic and a dead guy in the bathroom... He wasn't dead when they went in there..

Chasing Amy--This is yet another Jay and Silent Bob movie. It is basically about Holden and Banky, the comic (Bluntman and Chronic) and Holden's love of Allysa Jones, a lesbian. Watch it.. with your chic. :-)


Dogma-- The fourth in the Jay and Silent Bob movies. It is really funny and really religious... well, ok, maybe just a little religious. This time Jay and Silent Bob must help stop the Undoing of Everything. Our fate, the fate of the world is in their hands.. Thank Goodness they have help! Watch and be befuddled when God walks outta that church in Jersey!

Donnie Darko~~Demented Rabbits... Strange happenings.. Watch it.. if only once.


Empire Records--About a group of teens who work in a record store, and their misadventures to "Damn the Man" and save the Empire! How I would love to work in a store like that with a group of co-workers like them! Excellent movie, great music! Go see it.. at least once.

Excalibur-- Quite possibly, in my opinion (and we all know how those are!) The Best King Arthur film out there. A lot of action, sex, and betrayal. They finally got Merlin right in this one! Very very good movie.. Highly recommend it to all fans of the Arthurian legends! A must see for even non-fans.


Ferris Bueller's Day Off-- A great movie! 80s style. About a teenager who is really clever in getting outta school and into all sorts of mayhem! Watch it and like it!

First Daughter~~Ever wonder what it was like to be the Presidents daughter? Secret service men following you everywhere and you just trying to be a normal teenager in college.. Well, for Samantha, it is a nightmare. She learns to find her place, though. See it. I did.

Forgotten, The~~A woman's eight year old boy is killed in a plane crash. Suddenly, everyone except her seems to be forgetting her son. They tell her that he never existed. He was never real. She doesn't believe them, even when her husband and her psychiatrist tell her the same. She finds a man, who's daughter was killed on the same plane, but he doesn't even remember his daughter. Is she crazy? Or is someone trying to make her forget her son for reasons unknown to her.. A definate must see!!


Ghostbusters-- The original. About a wacky group of scientists who chase Ghosts. "Who you gonna call?" Was the first movie I saw in an indoor theater. A laugh a min.. "Ray, When someone asks if your a God, you say YES!" Highly recommended for a good laugh.

Goonies, The-- A must see. An oldie but goodie. About a group of misfit kids who are about to lose their homes. Full of fun, action, and gives you that good feeling. One of my faves from back in the day.


Heathers-- A twisted comedy starring Wynnona Ryder and Christian Slater about the life in a High School (unlike any high school I have ever heard of). It is wild, with three Heathers and a Veronica... go check this one out if you have not seen it!

House of 1000 Corpses--A truely gruesome Rob Zombie flick. A must see for horror fans. It is worth buying. About a group of cannibals who kill many, many people who have the misfortune of stopping at a roadside gas station in the middle of bumfuct no where. Go Get It Today!!


Interview With The Vampire-- With stars like Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, and a story about vampires, both Dudes and Chics alike will dig this one. It is about Lestat and Lewis. Based on the Anne Rice novels, it is a great movie in my book and one which you should watch at least once if you have any interest in vampires.


Jay snd Silent Bob Strikes Back--The last and best one yet! It will make you laugh so hard.. Geenkies.. even the Scooby Gang stops in on this one!


Knights Tale, A-- Starring Heath Ledger, this movie is great! If you like Knights, Jousting, or anything medieval.. go buy this.. Don't rent it, Buy it. It is about a poor commoner who proves himself to be worthy of Knighthood. He may cheat his way in, but it truely tells the tale about how one can "change their stars".


Loving and Loathing in Las Vegas-- This movie is trippy. That is all I have to say except Go strait to the store or nearest rental place and watch it.

Little Black Book~~A woman dreams of being a nedia icon and work with her hero. She gets a job working at a small studio for a talk show host. It is a really good movie. See it. Guys.. stay home.. this is another just for us chics.


Mallrats--The second Jay and Silent Bob movie to fly outta View Askew Productions. It is all about the Mall.. and the funny antics of two friends within it. Not to mention a security guard who has no life.. or penis.


Neverending Story, The-- A classy disney movie about a boy who is drawn into a book to save the story world from being destroyed by The Nothing. With a princess without a name, a boy named Sabastian, and a flying (doglike) dragon it is heartwarming.


One, The-- A great action flick. Lots of matrixlike action, things exploding, people getting the shit whooped outta them.. Go watch this now!


Point of No Return-- A drugged out girl gets caught breaking into a drug store.. and ends up getting arrested and sentenced to death for shooting the cop. The story gets twisted when a government agency lets the world think she is dead and turns her into an assassin. Very good story, good plot.


Queen of the Damned-- The sequel to Interview with the Vampire. Great action, good effects, great music. I recommend it to all who like vampire movies and Disturbed music. If you've read the books, you may be a bit dissappointed.. i was. But I still like it.


Roxanne-- Starring Steve Martin, how could it be wrong! This movie will make you laugh and smile.. Especially the Nose Insults part.. I laughed so hard!


Son In Law-- A great Pauly Shore movie. About a midwestern girl who goes to California for college. How she gets homesick and how Crawl (Pauly Shore) transforms her from "down home farm girl" to "chic". Very good movie.

Strange Days--About an ex-cop who deals the drug of the future. An end of the millenium movie that takes you down a winding path of betrayal, murder, conspiracy, and intrigue. Most highly recommend this one.

Sweetest Thing, The--A wacky movies about three best friends and their quest to find Love. Funny, bust a gut humor that will keep you rolling. Everyone should have friends like these. Go see it.. Even guys will appreciate some of the stuff in this one.


Tank Girl-- Wow.. what kind of drugs was the maker of this on? A world gone dry and water is like gold. Twisted Kangaroo-humans? A tank who thinks and a self-flying jet? Very kewl. Watch it intoxicated and giggle.


Underworld-- This movie is great! Vampires vs Werewolves. The special effects alone are worth seeing it at least twice! And dudes, take your chics to see it! They will like the "romance" between the Vampire Chic and Werewolf Dude. Very kewl action. Some say it is Blade like.




Wrong Turn-- Gore and stupid teenagers.. Can we all say eeww.. cannibals who have imbred so long they are deformed, yet are smart enough to set traps? A bit of a stretch, but people seem to like it. Watch it once.


Xanadu-- From the seventies. This movie is nostalgic. About a painter who is sick of working for a boss (now who doesn't dream of not working for someone else!) and his adventure to start his own business... and finds a little love along the way. Starring Olivia Newton-John, this movie has a classic appeal. Dudes, stir clear unless you like rollerskating, Olivia Newton-John music, and romance.


Young Guns-- A host of stars! A classic tale of Billie The Kid. About how Billie the Kid became an outlaw. The forming of the Regulators and their fall. It is a must see for anyone, even if your not into "westerns". I liked it. I watch it a lot.

Young Guns 2-- The continuing tale of Billie the Kid. How it was with him and Pat Garrett.. the man who "shot" Billie the Kid. A must see. Great gun fights and classic dark humor "Yoo Hoo, I'll make ya famous." Highly recommended.


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