Dancing With Wicca

Dancing in the Moonlite..
The spirits come out at night!

Desperado by The Eagles

The Myth of What Wicca Is

People for a long time have thought that Wicca was an evil religion.
One that worships "Satan" and casts evil spells
on others.

Well, I am here to try to undo that myth.

First and Foremost,
in all my years of being Wiccan,
I have never worshipped Satan.
I have never cast any evil spells,
put curses on anyone (although I have cursed at a few people),
nor have I sacrificed little animals on any altar.

Wiccans are not automatically doomed to hell..
we don't believe in hell,
so how can we be doomed to eternity there?
However, if given a choice between listening to Harp music
behind a giant wall and gate or being damned...
I would choose where all the rock and heavy metal bands are. :-)

And lastly,
but certainly, not least
as I have been taught, there is good and evil in all things..
it is how you apply yourself toward the goals you desire,
if you wish harm on others, that is evil..
if you wish to not harm others, that is good.

They only follow their path.
All we ask is to be allowed to follow ours.
May the Goddess and God watch over us Always...

May The Goddess and God Watch Over and Bless You

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