Dancing With Wicca Holidays

These are the Sabbats and Esbats

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Our Special Days

Wiccans have eight Sabbats which are their holidays. They are
the quarters and cross quarters of the solar year. Wiccans also
have Esbats which are their working (or magick doing)
celebrations. Both are used for rituals to honor the
Goddess and the God. Also, for spell casting.

The Eight Sabbats:

Together, all tell the story of the Goddess and the God.
They tell us the story of their relationship
and the changes the Earth goes thru during these times.
There are many stories which vary, but here is the basics of it all.

December 21

During Yule, the story tells us the Goddess gives birth to the God.
This is one of the traditions the Christians "borrowed" from our beliefs around 273 C.E. (common era).
This is The Winter Solstice.
Yule is the time when the daylight is shortest and the night is long.
It reminds us that all things will once again, and soon, be reborn unto us.

February 2

This marks the time when the Goddess is recovering from the birth of the God.
The lengthening of the days and sun awaken Her.
The God is a young, energetic boy.
His power grows with the lengthening of the days.
It is a time of fertility. The earliest signs of spring.
It reminds us that soon, the sun shall return full in its glory and all will be renewed.

March 21

This is the true beginning of Spring.
It is a time when the Goddess brings forth life.
Nature returns from winter to spring.
It is a time of renewed energy,
all things seem fresh, young and new. The daylight and night are equal.
One does not overpower the other.
This is a time for beginnings.
The Goddess fully awakens and the God stretches toward maturity.

April 30

This marks the time of the God reaching manhood.
The Goddess and God desire one another.
They fall in love and unite.
She becomes pregnant of He.
This is a time which has been long marked with ritual.
Of May Poles and flowers. A time of renewed vitaliy, passion, and hope.

June 21

This is the time when the Earth is abounded by the
fertility of the Goddess and the God.
The powers of nature are at their highest.
This is the time of the Sun, the longest day.

August 1

This is the time when the God starts to lose his strength.
The Goddess is both sorrowful and joyful.
She knows the God is dying, yet lives in her as her child.
This is the time of the first harvest.
Each day grows shorter, each night longer.
We are reminded that nothing is constant.

September 21

The God is old. Dying faster each day.
The Goddess nods as the days shorten.
She knows He grows within her.
This is the Autumn Equinox. The completion of the harvest.
Again, Day and Night are equal. Nature readies for winter.

October 31

The God dies, a temporary death as He prepares for birth.
Also known as All Hallows Eve, this is a time when we look back,
reflecting on the lives we had in the past year.
It is the time when the veil between worlds, living and dead
is the thinnest. We should remember all our loved ones and ancestors who have gone before us.

The Esbats

These are the times in which to honor the Goddess. Unlike Sabbats
which are Solar oriented, these are Lunar oriented. These are
the best times for energy raising, spell casting, healings, and
solving minor life difficulties.

Full Moon

Best for: Banishings, protection, and divinations.
Best time: 3 days before, the night of, and 3 days after.

There are 13 Full moons, each has a name:
January Thru June July Thru December
January: The Wolf Moon. July: The Mead Moon.
February: The Storm Moon. August: The Wyrt(green,plant) Moon.
March: The Chaste Moon. September: The Barley Moon.
April: The Seed Moon. October: The Blood Moon.
May: The Hare Moon. November: The Snow Moon.
June: The Dyad(pair) Moon. December: The Oak Moon.
variable: The Blue Moon. (2nd Full Moon in a month.) <

Waning Moon:

Best for: banishings of all types.
Best time: from Full Moon to New Moon.

New Moon:

Best for: Personal growth, healing, and blessing of new projects
or new ventures.
Best time: The night of or 3 days after.

3 days before a New Moon is the time known as the Dark of the Moon.
No magick should be performed. It is a time of rest.
Best for: Deep Meditation and vision questing.

Waxing Moon:
Best for: attraction magick.. bringing spells upon you.
Best time: from New Moon to Full Moon.


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