Dancing With The Goddess And God

Who They Are!

Plateau by Nirvana.

The Goddess

She is the Mother of all.
The giver of life, the giver of fertility.
She is loving and kind as a mother should be.
But she has her darker side.
She is all aspects of nature.. from birth to death..
from spring to winter. As she gives life, so she takes.
But the taking is not evil, it is only the rest between the incarnations.
She is The Maiden, The Mother, and The Crone.
She is signified by the moon.
We see her in the changing seasons.

The Maiden:

Signifies youth, the beginning of life and magick.
She is youthful and energetic in this form.
Playful, fresh, and new. She gives renewed joy to all.
She gives excitement, happiness, a fresh start.
This is the Spring, when all life renews itself.

The Mother:

Signifies caring, compassion, fertility.
She is mother to all. Nuturing, giving, and understanding.
This is the summer when all things are plentiful.

The Crone:

Signifies maturity and wisdom.
She is the grandparent, the counselor, the end.
She is caring yet merciless.
She is the frost covered fields, the end of life.
This is the Winter, when all things die, to be reborn in the spring.

The God

The God is signified by the Sun.
The rising and the setting of the sun.
The God is the tender of wild animals.
His domains include the untouched forests,
burning deserts, and the majestic mountains.
He is life, wild and pure.

Together the Goddess and the God celebrate all life. As should we.


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