Money and Time

Joey will Soon add his Valiant In one form or another. In the meantime here is my 1972 Volkswagen Super Beetle.

Here is my first 1972 Volkswagen Super Beetle from November 7, 1987. It met an untimely end after it got hit by a 1977 Pontiac Bonneville and My dad drove it to Slapout with no oil.


My second Bug from February 19, 1999. This is as it was after I wrestled off the dolly. My wife was afraid to sit in the front seat, especially in the dark. That was the first and last time she has sat in it.


My second Bug in the garage June 2004 and both bugs at night. The 1968 Beetle can be seen below in the $200 Bug Section.

That's my son, Joshua, he's helping me put oil in the engine after I installed a 1/2 quart sump. Here the Super sits before I decided to abandoned the hope of a "Rolling Restoration" thing and just strip it.

Pulling the wiring out. The original wires must have done by a team of monkeys. Windows removed.Interior is all gone. I was perked up a little by finding a dime dated 1990. Everything is gone but the tools.

For the mysterious hinge retaining plate I went to the Mitchell's VW Service Salvage Yard. Here is the Donor Car.

Progress !

Next Step: Body Work that includes welding. After I cut the donor part out I welding in this plate. Since the original was totally destroyed by rust I had to wing this one. Next I was able to fit a new piece in that I ordered several years ago. Here it is before bondo and paint and here it is after.

That's about all I could do in around 8 years and two kids later. This is what I'm aiming for. I'll post a Wish List for all those willing to contribute to see this thing alive. That's why I've called it Money & Time, because it will take a lot of both to get anything done.

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