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Corley and WareAncestors
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Don Thompson is a good source for Bradley Co., AR Langstons
Bradley County AR Langstons
The Corley and Ware connection

          Then. . .
??????? . . .
                                  . . .Now
Christmas 2002 with a photo of our 7 children & spouses and 16 grandchildren
Revised 8/18/2007
This is for Ron,  he loved his family as he was loved, we miss him today and always.
High Flight

Oh I have skipped the surly bonds of earth
And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings
Sunward I've climbed and joined the tumbling mirth
Of sun-split clouds and done a hundred things
You have not dreamed of-wheeled and soared and swung
High in the sunlit silence. Hov'ring there,
I've chased the shouting wind along, and flung
My eager craft through footless halls of air
Up, Up the long, delirious, burning blue
I've topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace
Where never lark, or even eagle flew
And, while with silent lifting mind I've trod
The high untrespassed sanctity of space,
Put out my hand and touched the face of God.

               John Gollespie Magee, Jr.
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