Original Macabre Short Stories By Sterling Knight

The stories may not be suitable for minors

    Sterling Knight grew up in the Santa Clara Valley in Northern California, but he has lived his adult life in Osaka, Japan.

    Religion, marriage and divorce, the dark side of his mind, and the Japanese culture, are major background influences for his macabre/horror writing. He writes a mishmash of splatterpunk, erotica, dark macabre, and horror in real life situations. Some of it really hits his funny bone. Some of it is quite serious where religion, and marriage and divorce, are concerned.

    Sterling's major work at the moment is Entropy and Entropy II. His pet project is Morbid Macabre Collection ON SALE NOW!. Please see the link below.

Macabre Toknight

Sterling Knight

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Welcome, and thank you for your interest in Sterling Knight's writing!



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