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lulu This page presents links, and a checklist of relevant books and articles, on the life and work of Georg Wilhelm Pabst (1885 - 1967). The intent of this page is to place Pabst's life and work in a larger context. However, emphasis is given to citations which include material on Louise Brooks and the two films Pabst made with the actress.

G. W. Pabst had a long and illustrious career; along with Fritz Lang and F. W. Murnau - many consider Pabst one of the finest German directors of the 1920's and 1930's. For further information, see Liam O'Leary's three page entry on Pabst in the International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers (St. James Press, 1991).

--- there are numerous webpages which mention or discuss G.W. Pabst; these are among the more informative links

Georg Wilhelm Pabst
--- nexus of pages from the Internet Movie Database

Georg Wilhelm Pabst
--- three pages from the Das Deutsche Filminstitut - contains a biography, filmography and short bibliography

Geheimnisvolle Tiefe - G. W. Pabst
--- three pages from the Austrian Film Archive on their 1998 retrospective

The Other Eye
--- set of pages about a documentary on the director

G. W. Pabst: Library of Congress Citations
--- eleven book citations, including a few not included in the checklist below


--- books about Pabst, as well as other titles with significant Pabst / Brooks content; citations are given in chronological order

Efimov, N(ikolaj). G. W. Pabst. Moscow: Gos. ob'edinennoe izd-vo "Iskusstvo", 1936.
--- 83 pages, with illustrations; contains a foreword by N(ikolaj Davydovic) Otten; pages 46 - 53 concern Pandora's Box

Eisner, Lotte H. The Haunted Screen. Paris: Le Terrain Vague, 1952.
--- this classic work on the German cinema contains a discussion of and references to Louise Brooks, along with a chapter entitled "Pabst and the Miracle of Louise Brooks" (in French)

Buache, Freddy. G. W. Pabst. Lyon, France: Serdoc, 1965.
--- 108 pages, illustrations

Barthelemy, Amengual. Georg Wilhelm Pabst . Paris: Seghers, 1966.
--- click here for a twelve page excerpt in French

Pabst, G. W. Pandora's Box (Lulu). New York: Simon & Schuster, 1971.
--- contains the "shooting script" of the film (translation by Christopher Holme), cast listing and credits, as well as dozens of stills; brief introduction by Louise Brooks, an article by the actress entitled "Pabst and Lulu," and an essay by film writer Lotte H. Eisner entitled "Pabst and the Miracle of Louise Brooks."

Atwell, Lee. G.W. Pabst New York: Twayne Publishers, 1977.
-- significant, early study of the director; 4 page excerpt

Groppali, Enrico. Georg W. Pabst. Florence, Italy: La Nuova Italia, 1983.
--- 136 pages; contains a filmography, bibliography

Jutkevic, Sergej. "Inozrimij Ochlopkov. Iz istorii sovetskogo kino." in Kino i vremja, Moscow: 1983. (Soviet Union)

Bergstron, Janet. "Psychological Explanation in the Films of Lang and Pabst." In Psychoanalsis and Cinema. Edited by E. Ann Kaplan. New York and London: Routledge, 1990.

Rentschler, Eric (editor). The Films of G. W. Pabst: An Extraterritorial Cinema. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 1990
--- contains the editor's "The Erotic Barter: Pandora's Box," and Heide Schlupmann's essay on Diary of a Lost Girl, "The Brothel as an Arcadian Space ?"

Jacobsen, Wolfgang. G. W. Pabst. Berlin: Argon, 1997.
--- massive monograph on the films of G. W. Pabst; contains significant material about Brooks

Donald, James, Friedberg, Anne, and Marcus, Laura (editors). Close-Up 1927 - 1933. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton, 1998.
--- contains selections from the seminal British film journal, including H.D.'s (Hilda Doolittle) interview / profile with G. W. Pabst on the making of Pandora's Box

Krenn, Gunter. Geheimnisvolle Tiefe G.W. Pabst. Vienna: Austrian Film Archive, 1998.
--- catalog to an exhibit and program of films, contains four essays and numerous illustrations documenting the films of G. W. Pabst; material on Louise Brooks figures prominently


--- selected articles about Pabst, as well as other essays and articles with significant Pabst / Brooks content; the most complete bibliography can be found in Rentschler's The Films of G. W. Pabst: An Extraterritorial Cinema and Jacobsen's G.W. Pabst; citations are given in chronological order

"Schlange gesucht." Film-Kurier, number 155, June 30, 1928. (Germany)
--- Berlin publication

Herzberg, George. "Welche andere Lulu?." Film-Kurier, no. 42, February 16, 1929. (Germany)

anonymous. "Musikkritik der Urauffuhrungen. Die Buchse der Pandora." Lichtbild-Buhne, no. 40, February 16, 1929. (Germany)

Tasiemka, Hans. Reichsfilmblatt, no. 9, March 2, 1929. (Germany)

Lenauer, Jean. "Letter to an Unknown." Close-Up, June, 1929. (Switzerland)
--- pages 64 - 70

Macpherson, Kenneth. "As Is." Close-Up, November, 1929. (Switzerland)
--- pages 354 - 358

Potamkin, Harry. "Pabst and the Social Film." Hound and Horn, January - March, 1933. (United States)
-- one of the earliest, extended commentaries on Pabst

Luft, Herbert G. "G.W. Pabst: his films and his life mirror the tumult of 20th century Europe." Films In Review, February, 1964. (United States)
-- substantial article on the life & films of Pabst

Luft, Herbert G. "G.W. Pabst." Films and Filming, April, 1967. (United States)
-- seven page article on the director

Eisner, Lotte H. "Meetings with Pabst." Sight and Sound, Autumn, 1967. (England)
-- article by the film critic after Pabst's death

anonymous. "The Director." Toronto, Canada: Toronto Film Society, 1973. (Canada)
-- interesting, 1 page program note

various authors. "Lulu, Berg, Pabst, Wedekind, Boulez, Cerha, Chereau." Obliques, 2nd trimester, 1979. (France)
--- special issue of this Paris magazine; entire issue devoted to the Lulu lineage

Davidson, David. "From Virgin to Dynamo: The 'Amoral Woman' in European Film." Cinema Journal 21.1, Fall 1981. (United States)
--- see pages 31 - 58

Jampol'skij, Michail. "Jascik Pandory." in Iskusstvo kino, number 9, 1988. (Soviet Union)
--- article about Pandora's Box in Moscow publication

Jacobsen, Wolfgang. "Der große unbekannte." Kulturchronik, 1997. (Germany)
-- short article in its original German, and in English translation

Noack, Frank. "G.W. Pabst - kosmopolit und bürgerlicher humanist." Berlin: Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin, February 13, 1997. (Germany)
-- 1 page program note (in German)

anonymous. "G.W. Pabst." New York: Museum of Modern Art (New York), October, 1998. (United States)
-- 5 pages of program notes for a Pabst Festival

Kehr, Dave. "Ringside Seat To Weimar-Era Films: G.W. Pabst Gets a Retrospective ." New York Daily News, October 6, 1998. (United States)
-- newspaper article

Sayre, Nora. "The enduring art of a poet of all that is fleeting." New York Times, October 11, 1998. (United States)
-- newspaper article

Gravestock, Steve. "Opening Pandora's Box: The Strange Case of G.W. Pabst." Toronto, Canada: Cinematheque Ontario, January, 1999. (Canada)
-- 4 pages of program notes for a Pabst Festival

Bloch, Judy. "G.W. Pabst." Berkeley, California: Pacific Film Archive, March, 1999. (United States)
-- 5 pages of program notes

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