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Hey.. I thought you would like this page. I am 25 yrs old. I haven't really update anything that much but I have change my entry here so. Everything is different now.. I did have a blue background now it is Tinkerbell background. I hope u like it very much.. As for my families and friends that know that I am married to a wonderful man name Brian Smith and have one child name Timothy "Timmy" Smith. Brian and I move to TN from NC in 2003 a month after we got married. About 2-3 month later, found out we were pregnant with Timothy. He is 4 yrs old and starting school.. We come to found out that he is Autistic(Asperger's Syndrome). My family is the most important people in my life that included few of my friends too. As u can see here that, the army picture here is my grandfather, he passed away in 1996. I will be adding more pictures soon and maybe more other stuff u will be able to see. I haven't really done much in this page since 2004, b/c I have been so busy with my son and taking care of everythings else. So, I took a LONG "vacation" from working on here. But now I am back to work on more.. So, u won't be seeing new things everyday b/c I am still learning how to do this.It take TIME! Also to let you guys know that I have added some blinkies and graphic such as icons, there are more coming but the reason i am putting it down here is b/c I didn't made them.. I found them on the internet that I like so I grabbed to show it to people. So, please feel free to browse around here and leave ur comment on my guestbooks. Much Love to ya! Here is my email address. P.S. if there's anything you like to know about me.. please email me or sign the guestbook and i would email you back.

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