Villainous Vamps of Gotham City- Very extensive and detailed site about the female villains of Gotham, particularly Catwoman, Harley and Ivy.

Asylum of an Angel- San's Harley site. Great design and lotsa STUFF. 83

Harley Quinn HQ- Harley site that will keep you occupied for a while XD

Gotham Public Works- THE Batman cosplay site =D

Mad Love Fanlisting- Fun site all about Mad Love. ...Unfortunately, it hasn't been updated in a while. :C

Joker's Realm - Beyond Gotham- Presentation centering on the Joker's origin and biography- very creative!

Official DC Comics Site- Lotsa stuff on Batsy, Mistah J and all out other friends :D It's official, y'know!

DeviantART- Who knows? You may find some pictures of our lovely Gothamites here :D (My handle is kyria if anyone's interested. XB)


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