I am now about to share with you my theory on Mistah J wearing high heels. :B It's rather simple really.

He is wearing the normal outfit, blah blah, whee. Note the color of the "spats".

HE IS WEARING NO SPATS!! (Yes, you may all gawk at his leg XD) And the skin showing where the spats should be is indeed.....dare I say it........NAKED. ...Excuse me while I go launch into a fangirlish giggle fit.


.....HAHAHA. ...Now that THAT'S out of my system...I shall continue with the theory.
Since he basically wears the SAME outfit every time we see him, the idea that he wears high heels is probably true. However, the suits in the pictures are different colors (or maybe that's just the computer) and serve as a topic for dispute.

I did rather appreciate the spats, though....oh well. 83 Joker in high heels.....this brings up new fanart ideas >;D

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