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Welcome to my new page. I am just getting it up, so it will be rather dusty for the next month or so. If you have any links, news stories or suggestions please share them with me. My e-mail is Enjoy.

Who is Krystine?

Most of the time when people put up a web page they bore the reader with a description of themselves which sounds more like how they would be described if they were on the lame from the law. I wish to be different. I am a caring and intelligent person who has too many flaws to list here. I will save all that for my therapist. One thing I hope to use this site for is a place where I can be self-indulgent at times and let out my frustrations by putting them in print. I will be publishing personal, factual or fictional writing here from time to time. I hope you will enjoy it and it will probably be a more revealing look at who I really am. One more thing. I believe in information and sharing that information. So, if you see a news item which you believe I or any other person would be interested in, please e-mail it to me or if you find an interesting link you would like to see me add to the links I already have then send them too. Also, if you want to know more about me, please ask also. I would like to start a FAQ on myself which will consist of your questions. That could be very interesting indeed. Hugs to all.




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