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This place inside my mind, a place I like to hide
You don't know the chances
What if I should die?
You don't know the chances.
...are you ready?


Korn hit the music scene in 1995, and changed it forever. Korn is loved by fans and hated by parents. Way back in '95 they had little radio support and virtually no air time on MTV, but their music and their message spread like wild fire. Korn is extreme, korn is innovative, korn is heavy, and korn is here to stay.

In the beginning Korn's mix of rap and metal, combined with Jonathan Davis's weird vocals, his bagpipes, and the hard, crunchy guitar licks proved an instant success. Their second album, Life is Peachy, stuck to this recipe of tribal rhythms and squealing guitars, but was more sophisticated than the debut Korn album, and received mixed reviews. By their third and forth albums, Follow the Leader and Issues, it was clear however that Korn did not mean to follow trends (not even their own).

Although there are some that call them none other than a silly band that encourages 12 year olds to clad themselves in black attire with poorly printed transfers of the band's new album cover on the front, you have to admit: Korn is here and Korn is here to stay.


Korn is no fly by night, manufactured by some marketing team like your average boy band. No sir, their members boast previous experience from bands such as LAPD, Creep, Ragtyme and Sexart. They got together, formed their own record company called "Elementree" and hit the streets with Korn.

The band members are Jonathan Davis (vocals and bagpipes), James Shaffer (on guitar), David Silveria (drummer), Reginald Arvizu (bass), and Brian Welch (guitar and vocals). Like any lo-fi band with it's salt the members have nicknames to boot: Johathan is "HIV" (although he doesn't have HIV), James is "Munky", Reggy is "Fieldy" and Brian is "The Head" (although he aint the head o' the band).

Korn's music started out in the bleak one horse town called Bakersfield in California, and the emotions of the songs often reflect it. These are die-hard boys, because they toured for almost two years before getting their first album signed on by record company Immortal.

Korn's music is unique, but is has been described as rock, metal, lo-fi, pop and trash, all rolled into one. The guitars are already-low 7-string guitars tuned even lower, and played with no regard for traditional harmonic consonance. Their sound is metallic sludge, tempered oddly by the drums and bass, adding a mix of porn-soundtrack funk and hip-hop rhythms that is puzzlingly aggressive and chill. The melodies are almost nursery-rhyme-like, woven into the dark mix to give Korn the creepiest, heaviest sound since Black Sabbath.


* What is Korn (this page)

What is Korn? Scroll back up and re-read what you've just read.

* Who is Korn?

Korn is five brilliant musicians who refuse to be mainstream. Check out short bios about each of the Korn members David, Fieldy, Munky, Jon and Head.

* Discography

Here you'll find pictures and information about each of Korn's five albums. The song titles link to the lyrics. Some songs also feature short explanations.

* Lyrics

This is where the poetry begins... 'ere you'll find all the song words by Korn from all their albums as well as the live non-published songs. If you feel we've missed any, give us a buzz. The albums featured in our lyrics section are Korn (1995), Life is Peachy (1996), Follow the Leader (1998), Issues (1999) and Untouchables (2002).

* Reviews

Is Korn any good? You betcha! But don't listen to us... see what others have had to say about Korn (including some Christians and parents, would you believe it). Is Korn flaky? We'll see.

* Weekly Desktops

Check back at this site once a week for a cool 800 x 600 Korn desktop (other resolutions available on request). Bookmark this page -- it's a must!

* Other Korn

So you read up to this point and you realise that you meant to find a site about corn, about maize and about popcorn? Don't dispair... we've got even those. Check out our popcorn, corn and maize (and maize beer) recipes! Are we kidding? Nope, we're quite serious. There's nothing better than a bowl of corn with real Korn to go.

Dramatis personae: (1) Leuce, webmaster of this site (knows next to nothing about Korn, and has a life). (2) Wortle, assistant webmaster of this site (still trying to outgrow Korn and getting a life (this comment was written by Leuce... you can tell, can't you?)). (3) Geocities, our kind host (until they discover us, no doubt). (4) Korn, without whom this site would have been a lot more boring and a lot less corny.

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