Yo, What's up? sonic here once again! Unfortunately, not everyone can be obsessed with your's truly. If you've done over half on this list or have done most of it, than yeah, your a true blue fan. this is a list of stuff, that fans have actually done to be like me, that or they just know too much about me, Wait too much about me?! Nah you can never know too much about this hedgehog. If you would like to add anything email Kitten and she'll put it up. Later!
You know your obsessed with sonic when.....
1) you know what SatAM, AoStH, SU, mean.

2) you've tried to make a power ring.

3) you've tried to run as fast as i can.

4) you've tried to make shoes exactly like mine.

5) if you own every game with me in it, including the new ones. do you know what SA, SA2, and SS, mean in terms of my games?

6) If you have a sonic plushie.

7) if you use the terms "no problemo", "gotta juice" or "no prob" "way past cool" and you like to use the term " robuttnik" for robotnik.

8) if you own alot of sonic videos, and have them memorized by heart, word for word. Kitten can do that she's got 8 videos, and they're all memorized by heart.

9) If you've gone to that resturant called "sonic" only to get dissappointed because it had nothing to do with your's truly.

10) if you like chili dogs, and get them like i do, chili, with extra cheese and onions, and maybe a spice of danger too.

11) if you suddenly hear the word "sonic" and think it deals with me, only to find out it doesn't and get dissappointed.

12) if you heard someone talk about sonic, and then you spill your guts with how insanely obsessed you are, only to have the other person look at you weird.

13) if you hear the word "sonic" you always assume it deals with me.

14) If you've ever went to a convention dressed up like me.

15) if you own just about every comic issue of me, including the new ones.

16) If you can do my voice, which would be creepy if i heard that.

17) When you absolutely love Robuttnik! NOT! hahaha! gotcha just kidding, i couldn't help myself.
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